Maximize fall months for planting and tree care.

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fall planting

Fall is for planting
Did you know that the milder temperatures of autumn make this season a great time for planting many trees, shrubs and landscape perennials? Roots and plants continue to grow through the months of fall. This gives new plantings an opportunity to establish themselves before winter temperatures and short days cause many to go dormant. Landscape makeovers in the fall are ready for full bloom when spring comes again. And, don’t forget that spring bulbs like tulips and day lilies must be planted in the fall for successful and beautiful spring blooms. Do some fall planting!

fall planting

Your most valuable landscape assets
Trees are usually your landscape’s most important and valuable assets. Are they getting the care they need? Healthy trees will often last a lifetime or longer, but can die very quickly if they suffer from pests, disease, dehydration, or extreme weather. This fall, make sure you consult a trained arborist to help you protect your investment.

Prune for safety, health and beauty
Before cold or severe weather arrives, have a specialist look at your trees. Early fall is a great time to diagnose problems and take action because the leaves are still on the trees, making it easier to identify which limbs are dead and which are healthy. Pruning is important to protect trees, people and surrounding structures from large limbs breaking off in windy or icy conditions. Pruning done by experts will remove fall risk and improve your trees’ overall look and health.

Schedule a checkup for pests or disease
A routine check up on your trees is necessary to make sure they don’t fall prey to pests. North Texas has several destructive insects that can damage or kill your trees if they are not identified and treated. Fungus can also kill established, healthy plants if not caught in time. Do you have at-risk trees? Our experienced, certified arborists can diagnose and prescribe treatments as needed. A deep root or foliar fertilizer may be all it would take to keep them healthy!

It’s been said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. Even if you don’t have trees yet, remember that fall is the perfect time to plant them. Consult one of the Lawns of Dallas experts to determine which species would thrive in your landscape.