Let’s talk Boxwood with Lawns of Dallas and @ThePottedBoxwood!

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The Lawns of Dallas Team was recently featured in an Instagram Live interview and discussion about best practices with boxwoods on IGTV with The Potted Boxwood’s Christina Dandar. As an aficionado of all things chic and, well… boxwood, Christina asked Lawns of Dallas experts Ryan Burrow and Giuseppe Baldi for some pro tips and pointers for healthy, beautiful boxwoods.

Here are some of the highlights:

Q – What varieties are commonly used and most successful in North Texas?
A – Baby Gem, Wintergreen, Japanese

Q – When is the best time to plant?
A- Boxwood can be planted successfully if proper techniques are used in fall, winter or spring. Mid summer should be avoided as harsh temperatures and the drier weather can make it difficult for the plant to properly establish roots.

Q – What kind of soil preparation is needed?
A – Boxwoods normally require good, well-drained soil. If the surrounding soil is heavy clay, organic additives may be required. Planting with the root ball slightly above grade and providing a quality, balanced (14-14-14) fertilizer will help the plant establish well.

Q – What’s the best approach to shaping and sculpting?
A – We recommend using hand pruners or scissors and carefully working the specimen into the desired shape. Large shears or hedge trimmers are often too aggressive and can damage the plant. Be sure not to remove more than one third of the foliage at any one time.


Lawns of Dallas regularly designs, installs and maintains landscapes featuring boxwood of various varieties. If you are interested in learning more, watch the full episode @thebottedboxwood and then contact our design experts for the best horticultural practices and beautiful results.