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The Lawns of Dallas Team specializes in state-of-the-art residential water management to assist our clients in maintaining both a beautiful and sustainable landscape.

Knowledgeable residential water management is key to a successful irrigation program. Designing, installing, programming and maintaining an up-to-date, efficient irrigation system will help your landscape thrive, protect your trees and plants and prevent structural damage to your hardscape and foundations. Our licensed irrigation professionals will help you conserve resources while also protecting your landscape investment.

Irrigation Repair

Water is one of the most important aspect of keeping your landscape healthy. Our team of repair technicians can quickly diagnose and fix any issues before plants begin to deteriorate. From a small leaking head to a large main line break, you can trust the Lawns of Dallas experts to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Irrigation Upgrades

If you want to move from spray to drip irrigation, add a zone for another bed, make the move to "Smart" irrigation, or any other irrigation improvements, we can help! We specialize in creating irrigation plans that are specific your landscape needs and sustainability minded.

Sustainable Landscapes

Using a combination of water-wise plants, "smart" irrigation technology, pressure regulated sprinkler heads and other resource-conscious techniques, you can enjoy a beautiful, rich, colorful landscape that is also environmentally responsible and sustainable. Our integrated team can help you achieve the landscape you want and a level of sustainability that you are both comfortable with and excited about.

Residential Water Management
Residential Water Management


We are thrilled with Lawns of Dallas! Our landscaping turned out just like we envisioned! From the initial meetings to final results they were professional, punctual and have very lovely employees. Never had to call and ask when they were showing up next.  They did an excellent job and we would recommend to anyone!

Irrigation Services

Irrigation system evaluations for proper coverage
Water system management and conservation
New irrigation system installation with 24/7 remote monitoring
Repairs and adjustments to existing systems
System upgrades for controllers with weather adaptive technology
Irrigation repairs
Drainage system installs and repairs
Grading for proper drainage