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Quality care for your landscape's most valuable assets.

Your trees are often your landscape's most valuable features. They can take decades to mature and when properly cared for can often last many lifetimes. However, without the proper care, they can quickly succumb to disease, storm damage, insect threats or simply poor water management. Our Commercial Tree Service team offers a full range of proactive tree care services, as well as storm damage recovery, disease or pest treatments and removal. Don't wait for problems to appear, contact our tree experts today!


Certified Experts

The Lawns of Dallas Commercial Tree Service Team consists of experienced and certified arborists, climbers and crew. We focus on safety and making sure that your trees are healthy, thriving and beautiful. Have you had a tree health or safety assessment lately? Is your tree losing leaves or do large branches hang over your structures or walkways? Preventing harmful conditions and giving your trees the proper nutrients, water management and disease control will keep them growing successfully for years to come!

New Tree Installations

Installing trees requires skill, talent and the right equipment. We have everything necessary to assure a successful installation whether large or small. We also have access to hundreds of sites around the country where we can source new trees for your specific location and project. We'll even transplant your existing trees if this makes sense for the property.



Lawns of Dallas has provided cost-effective landscaping services to our Homeowners Association for several years. On the whole, their service has been outstanding. When we have had issues, they have always been addressed promptly. In particular, our Account Manager has always been exceptionally courteous, caring for each of our homeowners as individuals, when necessary. He is very proactive and easy to work with.

Tree Care Services

Trimming & Pruning
Health Evaluations
Pest Control
Disease Treatments
Deep Root Injections
Air Spading
Cabling and Protection
Removal and Stump Grinding